Maple Brew Barbeque Sauce


This is a “one of a kind” barbeque sauce. The best way to say it is simply, “You gotta try it!!” Slap it on those steaks right off the grill or on chicken out of the oven and enjoy this perfect blend. Naturally sweeten. Order one today!


Maple syrup isn’t just for breakfast anymore! Kasza Sugar Bush has found a way to work maple syrup into a delicious, one of a kind barbecue sauce. This Maple Brew Barbeque Sauce can be poured over chicken before placing it into the oven or slathered all over steaks when they’re on the grill. Regardless of how you choose to use it, you will be able to inject maple syrup flavor into foods and naturally sweeten them in the process.

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Weight 1.58 lbs


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